Soheil Salimzadeh

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  • Born in 1991 Tehran/Iran.

    Persian/Gypsy/Azerbaijanian/Armenian styles Violin player, Composer, Music Producer and Conductor.
    Learned Violin under education of Babak Shahraki.

    Learned Composing,Harmony,Orchestration by self-study, Inspired by Fikret Amirov, Nicalai Rimsky Korsakov and Tufiq Guliyev.

    Took apart Orchestra conducting with Shardad Rohani in 2014.

    Took apart Composing and Orchestration master class with Ahmad Pejman.

    Composing music since 15 years old with Perisan Suite for Kemance and Piano.

    Arrange and record and produce an Azerbaijanian orchestral album "Salyani" (Folklorik and most famous azerbaijanian songs for chamber orchestra), collaborated with Ramiz Guliev and Etibar Qasimbeyli.

    Live Performs:
    - Sharghi Ensemble with Saman Ehteshami as a Violin Player.
    - Alnam Orchestra conducted by Vahid Alipour as Violin Soloist and Arranger.
    - Tehran Academic Orchestra as Violin Session Player.
    - Banafsh Band as Violin Player, Conductor and Arranger.

    Other Works:
    - Jane Maryam (for Violin and Orchestra /[Arranger and Performer])
    - Imprison (Melody by Abolhasan Saba, Arranged for Rock Quartet /[Arranger and Violinist])
    - Destiny's Door (Bleeding Fingers Competition,Hans Zimmer /[Composer])
    - Revolution in 3 movements ( For Violin and chamber Orchestra /[Composer])
    - Persian Klezmer [Composer]
    - Golden Dreams By Javad Maroufi (Arrange and perform for violin and chamber Orchestra /[Arranger and Violinist])
    - Former national anthem of Iran for trio Piano,Melodica,Violin (Performed in Tehran/Vahdat hall [Arranger])
    - Hame Un Ruza (ft. Natalia Zinoveva, Composed by Reza Sadeghi /[Arranger, Piano Player])
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